To provide value based education and building the future leaders with a global vision who are socially oriented and value based world citizens ready to address core issues with empathy, honesty and sincerity.


DOON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,S environment is holistic, student friendly and teachers are very supportive.
We provide quality based education and skill among the students so that they become responsible citizens of India and the world.
The intellectual, social, emotional, physical & spiritual development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
Students are prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiry and keen competition.
Students are encouraged to contribute to decision about their own future through school appointment and school organisation, career guidance and counselling services , that helps them to achieve their goal.


(a) The first and foremost aim of the institution besides imparting formal education is an all-around harmonious development and growth of the personality, both mental and physical of the child.

(b) To create awareness for having a better understanding of their surroundings.

(c) To in still self confidence , resourcefulness, develop self – reliance and perseverance.

(d) To imbibe moral values and ethics so dear to our culture.

(e) To develop a spirit of inquisitiveness for seeking knowledge outside the laid down academic curriculum.

(f) To encourage the child for a maximum participation in teaching learning proceed using child oriented approach.

(g) To create in the child , a respect for our noble traditions and a feeling of pride as an Indian.

(h) To develop in the child a spirit of insiquitiveness, righteousness, moral courage and self pride enabling him / her to meet the challenge of life . A remain steadfast in the face of adversities or setbacks if any.

(i) To acquire fluency in spoken English. This will help them in admission in colleges and other training institutions anywhere in the country and even abroad.

(j) English still gives access to modern knowledge not yet readily available through Indian languages particularly in science and technology.


(a) Along with English , Hindi holds a place of high importance in the curriculum and efforts are made that every student reaches a reasonably high standard in the language . This is more so that Hindi is not only the National language but a language of the masses. It even boasts of rich literature in variety, depth and content comparable to any language of the world.

(b) A third language is also taught up to middle classes and the school offers an option between Sanskrit and Punjabi.